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Long time no see Tumblr

It’s been over a year since I last posted anything! Made a new tumblr because I wanted to start again..

here it is, for anyone who remembers me.


I have barely touched this blog in a few months so I figured it’s time to let go and stop logging in for good. I remember when I used to be addicted to this site, every moment I could I logged in and checked my dashboard. This might sound dramatic but tumblr has helped me through anger, sadness, and confusion. It held everything I wanted, humor, anime, poetry, quotes, photography, and many other things. I’ve truly appreciated what this site has given me, and you who has looked at my blog.

The reason I’m quitting is I feel like I’m abusing tumblr by never going on, plus the site rarely works on my computers, and when it does the pictures never show up. I don’t think it’s worth it. So I’m taking this rare occasion when it runs smoothly to read my dashboard one more time and say goodbye to this site forever.

Thank you.

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lakadaizical said: hi! i saw your answer to something on yahoo answers about making pages on tumblr. i made my page but im wondering how when i upload my own pictures they can appear there... im not sure if that makes sense but i would like my own work to be separate from everything else that gets posted.. if you could help me out that'd be awesome!

Sorry for not responding immediately (I kind of quit Tumblr).

If you haven’t sorted it out already, what you need to do is:

Upload all your pictures online somewhere like:

Then save your URLs to the pictures somewhere.

Make your page you want it on.

Click “Edit”

Click the little icon with the tree,

and individually add the URLs.

The picture will be added to where ever the insertion point is. (The blinky “l”

That’s how I’d do it at least. Then just rename it and make it an active link in that same window.

Hope it helps?

Sorry if this took a long time to reply.


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道化 | サィ


道化 | サィ

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